Berlin Startup Academy (BSA) is Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator. In a 3-month, 2 day/week program involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors, BSA helps to either turn an idea into a startup or to bring entrepreneurial drive to your enterprise. You join as a guy with an idea and you leave as the CEO of your own company.

Unlike other Berlin accelerators, BSA accepts founders who may or may not have a complete team or prototype yet, helping you with team completion, idea evaluation, and access to the Berlin ecosystem.

Our independence from corporate or sponsoring funds means that we can accept ideas from across the board, including hardware or unusual ones like starting your own investor.

Being part-time, we don’t require you to drop everything you’re doing and completely submit to a new schedule. Freelancing on the side is cool with us – up to a point, though..

However, we are very critical regading the feasibility of your startup idea, because we believe that no mentor or investor can salvage an idea without pain point or target group.


24.06.2014 Startup Grind with Heiko Rauch
04.07.2014 Building a B2B business & partnering with the Big Guys
05.08.2014 Startup Grind with Andi Thuemmler
29.08.2014 BSA Semester 3 – DemoDay @ESMT



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